Project Stats

  • Metals of Interest: Gold
  • Location: Urban area of Quebec
  • Surface area: Optioned 5,212 hectares in the Urban area of Quebec consisting of 92 cells.



Great Thunder’s 5,212-hectare Great Dane Project adjoins Osisko Mining Inc., Beaufield Resources Inc. and Melkior Resources Inc.’s properties along strike and adjacent to Osisko’s Black Dog Project in the Urban-Barry Gold Camp. The Great Dane Project is located at the tip of the end of the basalts of the Macho Formation. Further east, this formation contains the Souart 1 and Barry deposits. This formation probably represents less than 10% of the property, but is a prime target for gold exploration. The remaining 90% of the property is underlain by the Barry Complex, which is made up of meta-sediments and tonalitic gneiss in the area covered by the property. A past airborne magnetic survey revealed several magnetic high anomalies; one of which strikes northwest-southeast, probably representing the contact between the meta-sediments and the tonalitic gneiss, which has been drilled by only one hole. Another magnetic anomaly strikes northeast-southwest and lies close to the boundary of the claims, and is still unexplained. Finally, in the western part of the property, an anomaly striking northeast-southwest lies close to the Masères Fault. Several other anomalies on the property remain unexplained. These magnetic anomalies represent good targets for gold exploration.

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