Project Stats

  • Metals of Interest: Gold
  • Location: Windfall Lake area of Quebec, Canada
  • Surface area: 20 mineral claims covering approximately 1,127 hectares in the Windfall Lake area of Quebec, Canada



Great Thunder’s 5,212-hectare Great Dane Project adjoins Osisko Mining Inc., Beaufield Resources Inc. and Melkior Resources Inc.’s properties along strike and adjacent to Osisko’s Black Dog Project in the Urban-Barry Gold Camp. The Great Dane Project is located at the tip of the end of the basalts of the Macho Formation. Further east, this formation contains the Souart 1 and Barry deposits. This formation probably represents less than 10% of the property, but is a prime target for gold exploration. The remaining 90% of the property is underlain by the Barry Complex, which is made up of meta-sediments and tonalitic gneiss in the area covered by the property. A past airborne magnetic survey revealed several magnetic high anomalies; one of which strikes northwest-southeast, probably representing the contact between the meta-sediments and the tonalitic gneiss, which has been drilled by only one hole. Another magnetic anomaly strikes northeast-southwest and lies close to the boundary of the claims, and is still unexplained. Finally, in the western part of the property, an anomaly striking northeast-southwest lies close to the Masères Fault. Several other anomalies on the property remain unexplained. These magnetic anomalies represent good targets for gold exploration.

Great Thunder’s 100%-owned Urban Thunder Project – formerly known as the Deluce Property – comprises 20 contiguous cell mineral claims covering approximately 1,127 hectares. It is located 12 kilometres northwest of Metanor Resources Inc.’s Barry gold deposit, 15 kilometres west of Osisko Mining Inc.’s Windfall Lake gold deposits, and 18 kilometres west-northwest of BonTerra Resources Inc.’s Gladiator gold deposit..

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